Sunday, April 29, 2012

Love is the essence of life

Gordon B. Hinckley“Love is the very essence of life. It is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Yet it is not found only at the end of the rainbow. Love is at the beginning also, and from it springs the beauty that arched across the sky on a stormy day. Love is the security for which children weep, the yearning of youth, the adhesive that binds marriage, and the lubricant that prevents devastating friction in the home; it is the peace of old age, the sunlight of hope shining through death. How rich are those who enjoy it in their associations with family, friends, and neighbors! Love, like faith, is a gift of God. It is also the most enduring and most powerful virtue.” 

 Gordon B. Hinckley Standing for Something: Ten Neglected Virtues That Will Heal Our Hearts and Homes 

Just a little thought about love. I want my husband and family and friends to know I love you with all my heart! Enjoy your Sunday, everybody! Love, me! :)

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  1. Sarah, I just went through and read a bunch of your posts- can I just say that you are adorable? It's like you sipped some sunshine in your lemonade and when you walk around a smile, that sunshine just comes beaming out. Thank you for your cheery posts and happy thoughts. You have a wonderfully inspiring blog.